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This Website, hereinafter referred to as “Prince Albert the 1st“ is operated by the State of Monaco, Ministry of Interior, hereinafter referred to as “the Administration”, which has its head office at the Ministry of State, Place de la Visitation, MC 98000 MONACO.
Director of Publication: Mr Robert Fillon – Chairman of the Prince Albert I Commemoration Committee.

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•    Email address : comiteAI2022@gouv.mc 

The Prince Albert the 1st of the State of Monaco website is hosted by the Information Technologies Department located at 23 avenue Albert II, BP 699 - 98014 Monaco Cedex.

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Terms of Use

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to set out the procedures for using and browsing this Website.
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The following words and phrases, beginning with a capital letter, whether used in the singular or plural, are employed herein with the meanings specified below:

•    “Administration” means the Government of Monaco/ Name of Service
•    “Terms of Use” or “Terms”: these Terms of Use.
•    “Personal Data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual (“person concerned”). An “identifiable individual” is considered to be any individual who may be identified, directly or indirectly, including through reference to an identifying detail such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online username, or one or more attributes specific to his or her physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity.
"Features" offered by the Prince Albert the 1st website allowing each User to:
- Access information and news published online by the Prince Albert I Committee 
- Download documents online 
- Provide feedback via a text form or email to suggest improvements or get in touch with the Prince Albert I Committee.
• “Site”: this website, princealbert1.mc.
• “User”: any individual or legal entity using the Prince Albert the 1st website and accessing the Services offered by this website.

Website purpose

The purpose of the website is to disseminate all news about Prince Albert I of Monaco and a library of archives about the Prince, as well as learning notes for teachers and pupils.

Access to the website

The Prince Albert the 1st website requires a
sufficiently fast internet connection and equipment and resources enabling Users to access and browse the website at their own discretion, expense and risk. 

The Administration may not be held liable for poor functioning of the Services and any consequences thereof that result from a malfunction or limited or degraded internet access.

The Services are freely available via a secure URL: https://princealbert1.mc 

In the event that access to the Services is interrupted or unavailable, Users may contact the Administration for more information.

The Services must not be used in an abusive or malicious way.

Generally speaking, Users undertake to use the Services:
•In compliance with the laws, regulations and rights of third parties, in particular the Administration’s intellectual property rights, as set out in the section on intellectual property 
•Fairly and in accordance with their intended purpose 
•At their own risk

Users are prohibited from fraudulently accessing or continuing to visit all or part of the Prince Albert the 1st website, deleting or changing the information included on the Prince Albert the 1st website, fraudulently adding information to the website, altering the Prince Albert the 1st website, or interfering with the proper functioning of the website.

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Users are aware of the risks associated with using the internet, such as potential hacking, and accept the corresponding limitations and risks.

Users who wish to inform the Administration of a mistake or correction are asked to send an email to the following address: comiteAI2022@gouv.mc.

Intellectual Property


All of the rights associated with any content published on this Website belong exclusively to the Administration, except where it is explicitly indicated that the rights belong to a third party. This includes, but is not limited to, all texts, comments, titles, names, photographs, sounds, images, data, drawings, animated sequences with sound, videos, functionality and charts, which are protected by the legislation on copyright protection in force in Principality of Monaco.
Any use, representation, transformation, reproduction, adaptation or dissemination, in whole or in part, of any element or content from this Website on any media and via any procedure is prohibited and constitutes a criminal offence that will be punished by the Monaco courts, unless express permission is obtained from the Administration.


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Users acknowledge and accept that, with regard to the Prince Albert the 1st website and Services, the Administration may not be held liable in the event of hacking, alteration or misuse of data, or any use of the network by a third party that is unlawful or harmful to the User or to a third party. Users who wish to inform the Administration of a mistake or correction are asked to send an email to the following address: comiteAI2022@gouv.mc.

The Administration gives no guarantee, implicit or explicit, regarding the operation and/or the content of the Website and may not under any circumstances be held liable for any damage, whether direct or indirect, commercial or otherwise, or consequences that may result from an erroneous or obsolete publication that may appear on this Website.

The Administration shall endeavour to ensure that the information published on this Website remains accurate and up to date, but accepts no responsibility for any use made of information featured on the Prince Albert the 1st website.
The Administration does not guarantee the continuity, accessibility or availability of the Website or related services.

Users of the Prince Albert the 1st website are required to comply with these Terms of use and are prohibited from using or attempting to use the Prince Albert the 1st website and its Functions for any purpose other than those provided for under these terms of use.

Protection of personal data

In accordance with the provisions of Article 14 of the Act  no. 1.165 of 23 December 1993 on personal data protection, amended, the information gathered via the Prince Albert the 1st website is collected by the State of Monaco, acting in its capacity as the data controller.

As part of the operation of this Site, the State of Monaco processes personal data for the purpose of As part of the operation of this Site, the State of Monaco processes personal data for the purpose of “Managing the Government’s websites”, which can be broken down as follows (or processing functionality):
• Enabling navigation (cookies)
• Allowing people to submit their ideas and express their satisfaction (feedback form)
• Allowing people to contact the Administration 
• Enabling the publication of information
• Producing statistics

Processing for the purposes of “Managing the Government’s websites” is part of the Administration’s remit. It is justified by: 
The consent of the individual concerned
• The pursuit of a legitimate interest on the part of the Administration: allowing the Administration to promote and disseminate information.

Information processed as part of the Website's functionality is for the Administration (Name of service) and is never used for commercial or advertising communications. The personal data collected will be sent only to the following recipients:
• Specially authorised staff working for the Administration as operator of the Prince Albert the 1st website;
• Accredited staff working for the website developer as part of its role in maintaining and upgrading the newsletter system. 

This information is retained only for as long as is required for the purposes cited above, notably:
• As part of the feedback form: the information collected is not kept on the website and only for 12 months on the messaging system 

Cookies: maximum of 13 months

When accessing the Prince Albert the 1st website, a cookie information banner informs users about the various cookies used on the website and offers users the chance to manage them as they wish. If users do not want these cookies to be placed on their device, they can simply decline them. Users can also revisit their consent here, at the bottom of the home page, at any time.
The information requested in the form must be provided. If the information marked as mandatory on the data collection forms (those fields marked with an *) is not provided, we will not be able to follow up the request.
In accordance with current data protection legislation, with regard to their personal data, Users have the right of access; the right to object to processing, the right to rectification or erasure; the right to restrict processing; and the right to data portability.
To exercise these rights or for any questions about how personal data is processed in connection with the Prince Albert the 1st website, Users can submit a written request to the following email address: comiteAI2022@gouv.mc, or by post Comité de commémoration Albert Ier-2022 – Institut du Patrimoine – 4,avenue Hector Otto – MC 98000 MONACO, stating the subject of their request and their name, first name, email address and date of birth.

To ensure that the response remains confidential and that we are replying only to the person whose data is involved, those submitting requests may be asked to provide proof of their identity, in black and white

Users should also be aware that they may withdraw their consent to the various functions offered by the Prince Albert the 1st website at any time:
• Feedback: by exercising your rights, as set out above.
• Cookies: users can change their browser settings at any time.

Individuals who have exercised their rights but feel, after contacting the Government, that their rights have not been respected, can submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority of Monaco (Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives - CCINN): www.ccin.mc.


The creation of hyperlinks to the website or the referral to other external websites via the website are subject to prior approval from the Administration. 
The Administration reserves the right to request removal of all existing links which contravene this condition. 
The Administration’s Prince Albert the 1st website may contain hyperlinks to external websites. The Administration does not control these websites and may not under any circumstances be held liable in any way for the content published on these external websites. 
The Administration may not be held responsible for any damage or losses that may result from or be connected with the use of these external websites. Users of the Website bear full responsibility for and assume the risks of using these external websites. The Administration may not be held liable in any way. 
All Users of the Website are invited to contact the Administration here (https://princealbert1.mc/contact) if they encounter a link which does not work.

Competent jurisdiction

Any dispute related to use of the Prince Albert the 1st website shall be subject to Monegasque law, and the Monegasque courts shall have exclusive competence.