Youth concert

Albert I Commemorations

SEASON 21/22
Katia and Marielle LABÈQUE, Piano
Julie DEPARDIEU, Narrator

With Ravel’s “Ma mère l’Oye” (Mother Goose), which he composed based on fairy tales by Charles Perrault, Madam Leprince de Beaumont and Madame d’Aulnoy, the piano duo Katia and Marielle Labèque take us on a musical journey to the land of fairy tales, and immerse us in the magical world of childhood through five stories: Pavane of the Sleeping Beauty, Little Tom Thumb, Little Ugly Girl, Empress of the Pagodas, Conversation between Beauty and the Beast and the Fairy Garden.

Next up is the “zoological fantasy” full of humour and poetry by Saint-Saëns. A majestic lion, cackling hens, Tibetan donkeys, tortoises, elephants, kangaroos – and let’s not forget the aquarium, the cuckoo and the swan. It’s a full-on instrumental menagerie parading before the eyes and ears of young and old alike.

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