Film screening and talk on 9 July in the Courtyard of Honour of the Palace: "The Worlds of Albert I, Diary of a Life

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Archives du palais et l'Institut audiovisuel de Monaco

A collaboration between the Palace Archives of Monaco, the Audiovisual Institute of Monaco and the Albert I Committee – 2022, to highlight the work of Prince Albert I, a sovereign, man of action, scholar, patron and humanist, while at the same time exploring his favourite lands: Monaco, France, Norway, Portugal, United States.

Based on extracts from the handwritten journal which the Prince kept from 1893 to 1922, this film screening and talk will incorporate numerous photographs, films and audio recordings.é-conférence-albert-ier


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Full price €20; €10 for students and seniors with a Department of Social Welfare and Social Services (DASO) card.