“Happy he who like Ulysses has made a great journey”

Collection of travel writing texts for lower secondary school pupils (Years 8 and 10) in Monaco.

“Poets who celebrate the wonders of the world and all you people who are busy shuffling your business interests, and you pleasure seekers who cannot be moved by anything under the light of the stars, leave behind, for one moment, the dream that haunts you and follow me!” – Albert I of Monaco, The Career of a Navigator.

By sea or by land, responding to the Navigator Prince’s appeal, BAL held a theatrical workshop for pupils to introduce them to travel literature and give them a chance to take part in a stage performance of a collection of extracts from classic and modern works of the genre, from Marco Polo to Théodore Monod, not to mention Montaigne, Stevenson, Thoreau, Loti, David-Néel, Cendrars, Bouvier including, naturally, texts by Albert I. The theatre project might perhaps instil in the youngsters a taste for other places, both near and far, as cultivated by Albert I of Monaco during his adolescent years, and as magnified through the prose of Blaise Cendrars and others.